The concept for Common Skies was born one day during the summer of 2020. It was day 23,958,735 of quarantine and I was feeling particularly nostalgic about my travels. I decided to finally get a few old trip photos professionally printed and to my surprise, they turned out even better than expected. It sparked an idea -- I wondered if they might look just as cool on t-shirts. 

Tracy in our Tokyo Teleport tee, and the two prints on the wall that started it all
Tracy in our Tokyo 24/7 Tee (and the two prints on the wall that started it all)


At that point I was living in my softest machine-washable basics, which felt pretty comfortable but were also pretty boring. I realized these basics typically come in solid black, solid blue, solid gray… in other words, solidly uninspired. Also, I was washing these clothes a lot, and sitting on my ass on the couch a lot, and fabrics that felt really nice at first were quickly pilling and wearing thin.

I ordered some shirt samples that featured my travel pics and when they arrived I fell in love with one tee in particular. It was so silky soft that I wanted to live in it -- I washed it three times that first week and it never lost that luxe feeling. Would other people have the same reaction and want some deliciously soft basics with a whole lot more personality, too?

A few months later, I launched Common Skies. I designed the clothes to tap into our collective wanderlust and remind us that there’s still a big ol’ world out there to discover when all of this is over. These clothes are comfortable and durable enough for a lather, rinse, repeat life but also have a vibe that says, “I’m ready for you, world!”

We can’t wait to see our travel-inspired clothes become your new wardrobe faves for the next normal. Please enjoy our inaugural collection, inspired by our last trip to Japan in 2017.